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What I'm all about

I’m a behavior scientist and innovator, with one foot in academics and the other in industry. 


I always try to do groundbreaking work that will improve people’s lives through behavior change. That's my #1 focus as a researcher and innovator. Over the years I've created new ways to understand behavior and new methods for designing change solutions. It's a powerful system, and I call this "Behavior Design."

How did I get here? 

Over 25 years ago I was reading Aristotle's Rhetoric when I realized that someday computers would be designed to influence humans. Being a natural optimist, I imagined many benefits of combining persuasion and technology. I decided to explore this area scientifically. 


As a doctoral student at Stanford in the 1990s, I ran the first-ever series of experiments to discover how computers could change people’s attitudes and behaviors. I named this new area "persuasive technology." My research won Stanford’s Maccoby Prize and spawned an international academic conference, going on 10 years now.

After graduation I started working in Silicon Valley, but I also devoted about half my time to Stanford. I founded a new Stanford lab in 1998. And each year since then, I’ve created a new course on a topic that interests me. 

I no longer do industry consulting. Instead, these days I focus on teaching innovators about human behavior--my models and methods in Behavior Design--so they can create products to help people be healthier and happier.